Awsaj Academy

Admissions for 2019/2020

currently is closed

Admission will reopen again in January 2019

تسجيل الدخول للعام 2019-2020

مغلق حالي

2019يفتح باب التسجيل مرة اخرى فى شهر يناير 

Available Grades

2019-2020 الصفوف المتاحة للعام الأكاديمي

KG2                                 التمهيدى

Grade 1         الصف الاول (Wait list)

Grade 2                         الصف الثانى

Grade 3                           الصف الثالث

Grade 4        الصف الرابع (Wait list)  

Grade 5         الصف الخامس (Wait list)

Grade 6         الصف السادس (Wait list)

Grade 7          الصف السابع (Wait list)  

Grade 8            الصف الثامن (Wait list)

Grade 9          الصف التاسع (Wait list)  

Grade 10         الصف العاشر (Wait list)

Grade 11    الصف الحادى عشر (Wait list)

Required documents to be uploaded with the application:

1.     Applicant's recent photograph- JPG

2.     Applicant's passport copy

3.     Applicant's birth certificate

4.     Copy of Immunization card

5.     Applicant's 3 most recent end of year reports- PDF

6.     Copy of Father's passport.

7.     Copy of Mother's passport

8.       Download and Complete Medical Form